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North East Garden Machinery Hire

Here at David Dixon Garden Machinery, we offer a wide range of garden machinery for hire. We are proud to have a friendly hire service at a reasonable price so whether you need a petrol strimmer hire, lawnmower hire or any garden tool you can take a look below at the range of hire products we offer to find your tool for the job! 

For your North East Garden Machinery hire visit into your local garden machinery store and see what we can do for you!

Any enquiries use the free chat below to get in touch or give us a call on 01434 606060 to discuss your needs and we will be happy to help with your equipment hire today!

EquipmentProduct No.Day rateExtra Day ratePer Week
Pumps & Washers
1” Water pumpHZ10120.0040.00
2” Water pumpHZ10225.0010.0050.00
3” Water pumpHZ10330.0015.0070.00
Submersible pumpHZ10425.0010.0050.00
Cold pressure washerHZ10535.0010.0060.00
Petrol pressure washerHZ10655.0015.50110.00
Lifting & Handling
Sack barrowHZ11310.005.0020.00
Kerb LifterHZ30120.0010.0040.00
Saws & Splitters
Stone saw (petrol)HZ11740.0010.0050.00
Paving block splitter (small)HZ11930.0010.0050.00
Hydraulic Stone splitterHZ120100.0030.00170.00
Generator & Lighting
3 KVA generatorHZ12835.0010.0050.00
6 KVA generatorHZ12945.0013.5090.00
3.3 KVA transformerHZ1315.252.0010.50
5 KVA transformerHZ13215.505.2531.00
10 KVA transformerHZ13325.005.0045.00
Extension lead/reelHZ1342.251.007.25
Ladders & Trestles
Steps (small)HZ14710.005.0025.00
Steps (large)HZ14810.005.0020.00
Double extending ladderHZ15020.0010.0040.00
Roof ladderHZ15320.0010.0040.00
Fixing & Holding
Strong boyHZ2605.001.007.00
Acrow propHZ2615.001.006.00
Cordless nail gunHZ29330.0010.0050.00
Cordless screw gunHZ29630.0010.0050.00
Heavy breaker (electric)HZ24840.0015.0070.00
Gardening Equipment
Rotovator (light duty)HZ15635.0010.0060.00
Rotovator (heavy duty)HZ15775.0030.00120.00
Lawn aerator (petrol)HZ15850.0020.00110.00
Scarifier (petrol)HZ15930.0010.0060.00
Rotary Mower – 18” PushHZ16030.0010.0050.00
Rotary mower – 20 SPHZ18940.0010.0060.00
Hedge trimmer (battery)HZ16230.0010.0050.00
Hedge trimmer (petrol)HZ16330.0010.0050.00
Long reach hedge trimmer (petrol)HZ16440.0020.0080.00
Wheeled trimmerHZ30640.0020.0080.00
Electric long reach prunerHZ22340.0020.0080.00
Petrol long reach prunerHZ22440.0020.0080.00
Electric shredderHZ16520.008.0040.00
3” ChipperHZ17380.0060.00160.00
Garden rollerHZ16615.005.0025.00
Post driverHZ1696.003.0015.00
Stump grinderHZ17195.0025.00160.00
Log splitterHZ17241.5020.7582.75
Blower/Vacum (petrol)HZ17423.257.0046.50
Backpack sprayer (battery)HZ17530.0010.0050.00
Petrol self-propelled scytheHZ30731.0016.0060.00
Compact Equipment
Micro excavatorHZ222100.0050.00200.00
Track barrow (high tip)HZ23150.0025.00125.00
Compaction & Vibration
Vibrating plateHZ26925.7510.5051.75
Paving block rubber padHZ2708.002.5016.00

All prices are in £’s and exclusive of VATGet in touch with us for your North East Garden Machinery hire! 


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